This site is used to test concepts in web design.

Colors are selected based on taking the day of the week, adding 1, converting to binary, assigning the bits to red, green, and blue, multiplying each bit value by 128, adding the week to each value, to create the base colors.

The red color is then added to the hour of the day times 3.
The green color is added to the minute of the hour.
The blue color is added to the second of the minute.

That may seem like a lot of work, but it ensures that the viewer can determine the day of the week from the base color, while the week, hour, minute, and second provide significant variation in the color scheme.

Around June 14, this page will be redesigned. What I want to do is place what the web calls a "Hero Image" as my background, because that is the current web style and because it looks good. I am torn as to whether I should present a hypertext list of web accomplishments on this page below the full screen image, or whether to use the hamburger menu, and place them on a separate page.

Currently, the About page is being usurped to demonstrate an XML transformation. The About page will become a description of SESI, and there will be two accomplishment links, one for History using XML transformation, and the other using SSIS. The avatar selection will be moved to an accomplishment link, as will the video, gradient spheres, and circles, since they mar the presentation.

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I always wanted to work with videos. I didn't make the video, but I want you to see it, because it is cool.

Video courtesy of Big Buck Bunny.